Operation Tweetstorm

Let me apologize in advance for the mental picture.

Imagine this orange clown, all bloated and spastic, laying on his gold bed at 3:44 am, his flabby gut protruding from his tidy-white(supremacy) underwear, and there he is, still stewing over the woman who mopped the floor with him by bringing up another woman he treated like shit.

He is getting more and more agitated as the minutes go by, his very loud sniffling has almost turned into panting and growling by now, a pool of foamy saliva on the corners of his mouth contrasting in sheen and color with the rest of his carotenoid complexion, his tiny fists clenched in frustration and then…an explosion. “Enough!” The pumpkin-spice buffoon exclaims.


He rocks himself onto a seated position and reaches for his solid gold phone. He feels powerful with that thing in his minuscule hands (he special-ordered a tiny phone) as he has ‘destroyed’ many people with it in the past.

He takes to twitter, the only battlefield he’s ever known (He vaguely remembers getting a Purple Heart there) and sets out to pulverize someone he pulverized once before –when she was 19 years old.

Dripping poison from his ‘wherever’, he sets off a nasty barrage of character assassination attacks. He mentions a ‘sex tape’ and a ‘criminal background’. “This woman has a past!” He cries in anger.

How dare this little woman with a Hispanic accent question how he conducts himself with the people he owns –I mean, who work for him?

By the looks of it, this woman must have a very low self-esteem, right? It’s almost as if someone had trampled her self-image in a vicious and permanent way before she became the ‘unreliable floozy’ that she is now.

This is when Oran52011932gina Jabba started to reminisce about how funny it was to call her “Miss Piggy” because she put on weight and “Miss housekeeping” because –hilariously- she is from one of those Mexico-like countries. He pulled an awesome prank on her by inviting the entire press corps to witness her workout when she had no idea she would be exercising in front of the world. Classic. All of this when she was a sweet and inexperienced 19-year-old girl. Oh, the hilarity!

Once his greasy, tiny Vienna sausage fingers were done doing their deed, the auburn blob felt at ease and was able to retreat to his solid gold animated suspension chamber and catch some z’s. He can do that because he knows that come morning, an army of brainless minions will struggle, scramble and lie to make it all a-ok again.


It’s morning in America…

”What Mr. Trump meant was…”



Donald Trump and The American GOP: Death by a thousand pricks

Yes, I intended that pun.

If you enjoy being annoyed every evening with the political news cycle like I do, you already noticed there’s a certain panic beginning to arise within republican “strategists” (read: pundits) and maybe even more notoriously, within the GOP itself.

The reason for their discomfort? What I call “The inevitability of the Trump”. images

Remember the good’ole days when talking about a Trump candidacy was a matter of humor? Those days are gone. It seems that somehow, the Republicans have completely lost control of their base and those people seem to be flocking to someone that doesn’t fit the traditional GOP “presidentiable” checklist at all.

In the past, Donald J. Trump has claimed to be a Democrat, supported (and financed) the Clintons, expressed his Pro-choice views and he even said we should tax the rich more. In what world does any of this make him an attractive (or even viable) GOP candidate?

It simply doesn’t make sense. Does it?

It does, when you factor in the one thing the Republican Party has been covertly pedaling to the American people for over 40 years: Hate.

During the past 4 decades, the GOP machine has moved away from the straight forward idea of fiscal conservatism and entered the murky waters of social (anti-social?) politics. Before that, the GOP was an economic movement more than anything else and had very reasonable positions on social issues (sometimes more reasonable than Democrats) for instance, during the 1964 Civil Rights Act discussion and subsequent vote, Republicans favored the bill more than their Democratic counterparts (80% in the House and 82% in the Senate over the corresponding 63 and 69% from Democrats).partycivilrights

Then it happened. The 70’s were a tough decade for Republicans. They kept winning elections but disappointing the American people.

I believe it was Nixon (Disgraced, the only American President ever to resign), Spiro Agnew (Nixon’s VP, indicted for bribery and corruption) and Ford (pardoned Nixon and went on to lose his re-election bid to Jimmy Carter) who started the spiral of failures that caused the GOP to look into “redesigning” itself.

Since then, the GOP has been a constant source of relentless –almost inexplicable- opposition, and maybe more importantly, a thinly veiled wave of attacks on civil rights, or as they call them, “social issues”. I guess they figured that a little intolerance couldn’t hurt.


By minimizing the importance of –and sometimes expressing outright opposition to- women’s rights, they began to appeal to those who systematically want to keep women oppressed (Evangelicals?  Religious people in general?  Who is interested in keeping women down?).

By blaming the country’s economical woes on Immigrants and by constantly pushing an agenda of fear of “terrorists”, they started to appeal to those who think there’s any justification to making any person of non-white descent, a second class citizen (Racists, White supremacists, Evangelicals [again?] and xenophobes everywhere).

By promoting the idea that giving more to Billionaires (Reaganomics, ‘trickle-down’ economics, tax breaks, subsidies, special treatment, immunity from the rules, etc) somehow will magically make things better for the middle class and at the same time vilifying poor people by saying they are like leeches “using welfare money to buy drugs”, they have attracted the Clive Bundys of the world, you know, Texas separatists, conspiracy theory wackos and anyone who thinks someone at the top will fix things for all, while completely dismantling the federal government (how is that even possible?).

So there you have it, unwillingly (maybe), the GOP re-built its base, and this time instead of counting on highly educated fiscal conservatives, they ended up with a mass of uneducated, hateful, angry, illogical and trigger-happy drones.

Then, along came a Spider. M1mAuvh

I truly believe Trump’s campaign started off as a joke. I don’t even believe he actually wanted the nomination, I think he was performing an experiment.

How many hateful, outrageous, insensitive and outright wrong things can I say and still have people take me seriously? I guess the response he got surprised him as much as it didn’t surprise me. The experiment paid off. There’s hateful people a-plenty in these United States and they are –very loudly and out in the open- supporting Donald J. Trump.

All he had to do was:

  1. Be Rich – You know, they guy who will fix everything AND dismantle the government
  2. Be a Misogynist – Because women are dangerous
  3. Be a Racist – Because brown people are dangerous (what does that mean for brown women?)
  4. Be a Conspiracy Theorist – Because Muslim Nigerian Obama
  5. Be loud and irresponsible with his speech – Because these “voters” need someone to identify with.

Presto! Electoral Magic!

He can say whatever, do whatever –even shoot someone right on 5th Avenue- and his numbers only get better.

The Republican establishment is reaping what they sowed, their base is no longer obeying. They are all blinded by hate and –not that they were before- they are no longer listening to reason.

The Republican Party signed its own death certificate, little by little, every time they took a tiny step to take rights away from people, every time they favored the rich, every time they sided with hate, every time they voted against social investment, took healthcare off the table (or tried to), every time they colored (another pun) their opposition to the President’s initiatives with racial intolerance, every time they wanted less for the poor and more for the rich…a death by a thousand pricks.

Now, here we are:

Trump is going to be the Republican Nominee for President of The United States. Let that sink in.



Hey GOP,

Karma is a bitch.


On welfare.

On drugs.

Making minimum wage.


Good luck with that.



The Hitler-Trump challenge

As a WWII history nerd, I found myself unable to watch the news and the latest happenings of the 2016 Presidential election in the US without involuntarily drawing some parallels to some of humanity’s worst moments in history and then it hit me! The connection is Trump.

I know I’m not blowing anybody’s mind by saying this guy is dangerous, bigoted, mysogynistic and crass, but I discovered that he’s following a very unusual playbook as far as American politics is concerned.

Mr. Trump seems to be following (to a surprising degree of accuracy) the electoral playbook of one Adolfus Hitler. Don’t believe me? Take the Hitler-Trump challenege.

All you need to do, is find a text describing Hitler’s rise to power and the techniques he used, from any reputable source (there are so many) and then substitute the words Hitler by Trump and Germany by America. It’s easy and fun for the whole family…also a little terrifying.

Here’s a little example I did earlier today:

For Trump, the master speech maker, the long awaited opportunity to let loose his talents on the American people had arrived. He would find in this downtrodden people, an audience very willing to listen. In his speeches, Trump offered the American people what they needed most, encouragement. He gave them heaps of vague promises while avoiding the details. He used simple catchphrases, repeated over and over.

Shit Heil!

His campaign appearances were carefully staged events. Audiences were always kept waiting, deliberately letting the tension increase, only to be broken by solemn processions of Cheerleaders with spangled banners, blaring military music, and finally the appearance of Trump amid shouts of “Build the Wall!” The effect in a closed in hall with theatrical style lighting and decorations of flags was overwhelming and very catching.

Trump began each speech in low, hesitating tones, gradually raising the pitch and volume of his voice then exploding in a climax of frenzied indignation. He combined this with carefully rehearsed hand gestures for maximum effect. He skillfully played on the emotions of the audience bringing the level of excitement higher and higher until the people wound up a wide-eyed, screaming, frenzied mass that surrendered to his will and looked upon him with pseudo-religious adoration.

Hmm, this baby looks delicious!

Trump offered something to everyone: work to the unemployed; prosperity to failed business people; profits to industry; expansion to the Army; social harmony and an end of class distinctions to idealistic young students; and restoration of American glory to those in despair. He promised to bring order amid chaos; a feeling of unity to all and the chance to belong. He would MAKE AMERICA STRONG AGAIN; tear up the treaty of [Insert ANY trade or diplomatic treaty here]; stamp out corruption; keep down Marxism; and deal harshly with the [Insert ethnic group here other than white].

Nothing elicits more enthusiasm from the uneducated than hate!

Happy Trumping!


Being a decent person just because…

See on Scoop.itFreedom from religion

I completely reject the notion that a non-believer (like me) lacks moral compass or values just because we don’t believe in the promise of “eternal paradise” or the empty threat of “eternal fiery torment”.

In fact, I think that it has more value when a non believer behaves like a decent person for the sake of decency alone and not because some ridiculous ulterior motive.


I call it: being a decent person for ‘the hell of it’ (pun intended). Try it, it’s very satisfactory.

Your charity sucks

How nice of you

“Come support the starving children of Somalia during our twelve course dinner gala at the Four Seasons Hotel” or “Help us provide micro-credits to the women of El Salvador by attending our red carpet/black-tie/white party”. Such examples abound.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm supported of having some fun while we do something good for others but it really doesn’t take much observation and intelligence to separate the ‘organizations’ that are really providing something to the cause they say they support and the ones that are just excuses to party in luxury.

I’ve been a Management Consultant in the United Stated for over 8 years and have worked for several organizations that have been designated ‘a 501(c)3 organization’ by the Internal Revenue Service, granting them a tax exemption on any money collected by the organization. Over half of them were just huge ego trips for their founders and over 80% of them have NEVER given any money or support to the causes they proclaim to support and about 99% of them did it to save on taxes.

These “charitable organizations” throw galas, black-tie events, auctions, wine tastings and multi-course dinners, charge money for the admission (a lot of tickets are ‘given away’ to bulk up attendance) have some sort of raffle or auction during the event and then give whatever money is “left over” (if any) to the original group of people that EVERYONE in the room was there to help.

The real issue here is that the original concept of throwing a luxurious party to attract high-end donors has been, traditionally, a valid and effective way to help important causes and now it has been prostituted and cheapened by imitators that just want to pretend to be high-end somebodies.

Celebrities and influencers alike are, surprisingly, leading by example. Lately we have seen a lot less luxury partying and a lot more action from the ‘trend makers’. I was pleased that recording artists everywhere got together quietly (no big galas or red-carpet extravaganzas) and put together a new version of “We are the world” to be sold worldwide and to be donated in its entirety to the Red Cross and its efforts to rebuild Haiti.

Additionally, other film and TV personalities launched a telethon that collected (and delivered) over $57 million to UNICEF and Red Cross International.

Brad, Angelina, Bullock, Clooney and many others just pulled out their checkbooks and made direct donations to the already-on-the-ground organizations assisting Haitians. Others, such as Sean Penn, Angelina Jolie and Wyclef Jean actually went to the disaster-ridden country themselves.

Maybe the IRS needs to begin looking more closely into these

Party on!

‘charitable organizations’ where people are drawing salaries, benefits, parties and experiences without giving a single penny to the causes they claim to support and in the name of which, these people pay no taxes.

I think that we need to demand to see open books from the ‘charities’ we support, that is, if our interest is other than just to have cocktails with the nouveau riche.

Be watchful of ‘charities’ that party all the time and have NO events (or photos/video) where actual money is given to the people they claim to represent.

Fewer parties, more action, no bullshit.

Mucho futuro y poco pasado

Viviendo en el momento

Hijo mío,

Si hoy fuera mi última oportunidad para hablarte, te hablaría de vivir la vida con valentía.  No porque yo crea que he vivido la mía en esa forma, sino porque sé que en muchas ocasiones no lo hice.

No saber lo que va a pasar en el futuro no es tan malo como lo pintan, el pasado no está repleto de lecciones para vivir como algunos dicen y confundir al uno con el otro es lo peor que alguien puede hacer.

Así como vives la vida ahora, sin barreras, pensando que absolutamente todo es posible, sin asumir que porque alguien dijo o hizo algo en el pasado lo van a hacer de nuevo, dándole a la vida la oportunidad de ser impredecible, fluida y fascinante, es como la vida debe vivirse.

Lo peor de todo esto es que todas estas cosas que hoy sabes y ejecutas con una maestría envidiable, vas a olvidar a medida crezcas y tengas experiencias en las que te dirás a ti mismo: “Esto no me vuelve a pasar”.

Si yo pudiera comprar lo incomprable, lo que te compraría seria que nunca olvides ser el Christopher-O de hoy, el que no se para con nada, el que sabe SER, el que se equivoca por convicción y no por miedo, el Christopher-O del que aprendo tanto.

Si algún día ya no estoy, no funciono o ya no hablo, me gustaría que leyeras esto y supieras que he aprendido más siendo tu papá que en cualquier otro momento de mi vida y me gustaría que encontraras el camino en tu memoria a tener un presente con mucho futuro y poco pasado…igualito a como lo haces hoy.

Gracias por ser el mejor maestro del mundo.


Ella dice que me lo merezco todo

¿Cuándo te viste a ti mismo en un espejo y pensaste: “Ya soy un adulto”?

A mí en lo personal, me pasó cuando tenía como 21 ó 22 años, cuando en medio de una actividad completamente ilegal, me detuve frente a un espejo y me descubrí a mí mismo “crecido”. El saber que si me agarraban haciendo lo que estaba haciendo, iba a resultar en consecuencias bien severas que iba a tener que enfrentar completamente solo, ayudo mucho a llegar a esa conclusión.

Con todo y mi descubrimiento de adultez, continúe operando (por varios años) después de eso como que había ciertas cosas que no funcionaban en mi vida o en las que yo fallaba consistentemente que, en mi cabeza, eran la absoluta culpa de mi mamá.

Por supuesto que también había identificado, para ese entonces, virtudes y aptitudes que me permitían ser exitoso en la vida y que obviamente eran mi logro propio y nada tenían que ver con lo que mi madre había proveído durante mis años de juventud.

Recapitulando, lo ilegal era ignorado, lo bueno era mi resultado y lo malo era culpa de mi mamá. Bonito ejemplo de persona que era yo.

Entre los defectos que acusaba a mi madre de haberme “enseñado” se destacaba la tremenda arrogancia y soberbia con la que me desempeñaba en casi todas las áreas de mi vida, con todo y eso, un día alguien me mostro algo y como cosa extraña, escuché con atención.

En un curso de superación personal (mismo que recomiendo de todo corazón) el facilitador  me dijo lo siguiente:

Cuantos años tenían tu mamá y tu papá cuando te tuvieron?”

– Como 21 o 22, le respondí.

“Ok” dijo y levantando la mirada, preguntó: ¿Hay alguien aquí en el salón que tenga 21 ó 22 años?

Un muchacho flaco y con mirada desorientada y una muchacha vistiendo ropa muy provocativa se levantaron.

“Mirá” me dijo, “Así estaban tus papás cuando te tuvieron, miralos bien, ¿vos crees que esas dos personas que están de pie tienen todas las respuestas en lo que respecta a criar un bebe y luego convertirlo en un adulto funcional…ya no digamos un médico exitoso?”

Me dejó callado, no pude hacer más que murmurar entre dientes: “No, no creo”.

Continuó diciendo: “El trabajo de tu mamá es parirte y hacerte sobrevivir hasta que podés valerte por vos mismo…todo lo demás que te ha dado, te lo dio por vocación y no por obligación”.

Como todo buen patán, nunca me había puesto a pensar en todas las horas que mi mamá se pasó estudiando raíces griegas y latinas conmigo (después de haber trabajado 14 horas seguidas en los dos trabajos que tenía para poder hacerla de mamá y papá al mismo tiempo) solo porque el niño decía que quería ser médico. Yo de veras que operaba como que todo eso que hizo por mí era su obligación.

El facilitador prosiguió: “¡Que fácil te resulta echarle a tu mamá la culpa de todas esas formas de ser que te disgustan (o que no funcionan)  y tomarte el crédito por las que producen buenos resultados!”.

Y fue ahí, en ese momento, cuando se me partió el corazón por completo. Lloré. Me quedó clarísimo que mis formas de ser (buenas y malas) son el resultado directo de mis propias elecciones y que cuando escogí alguna forma buena de ser, lejos de tener algún mérito propio, no eran más que un plagio descarado de un comportamiento de mi mamá.

Aún más importante fue descubrir que todos los aspectos más despreciables de mi personalidad y mi comportamiento, nada tenían que ver con mi mamá (ni con nadie más) y tenían todo que ver con mi falta de voluntad de ser responsable de mi propia vida y resultados.

Corrí a llamarle por teléfono a mi mamá y le dije: “Mamá, te llamo para pedirte perdón. Toda mi vida te he echado la culpa por lo que no me gusta de mí y nunca te he dado crédito por todas los talentos y oportunidades que tengo cuando debió haber sido completamente lo contrario”.

Una pausa.

Yo digo: “¿Mamá?”

Y ella se echa a llorar y me dice: “Yo solo te di lo que pensé que te merecías en cada momento y en cada momento me pareció que te lo merecías todo”.

Aun en fechas recientes me lo ha dado todo y aun en fechas recientes me ha dado ejemplos excepcionales de fortaleza y compasión. La señora todavía cree que yo me lo merezco todo.

Yo no sé si me merezco algo, todo o nada, lo que si sé es que yo soy completa y absolutamente responsable de mi propia vida y mis resultados…y que ese conocimiento, la oportunidad de tener ese conocimiento, el acceso a esa oportunidad y la vida misma en el marco de la cual todo esto ocurre, se la debo a ella.

Gracias mamá. Gracias por ser más de lo que me merezco y todo lo que necesito.


Portland de noche

A 12,300 pies de altura (y en primera clase) inicio esta entrada. Cómo cambian las cosas en tan solo 365 días!

Hoy se cumple un año de la existencia de este pseudo-blog. En esa fecha, me decidí a escribir unas letras sobre lo mucho que me irrita que los gringos piensan que soy mejicano solo por ser hispano y que me felicitaran por el [5 de mayo] (lo cual es una estupidez, aunque fuese mejicano).

Por alguna razón, cuando estoy [enojado], molesto, [triste], [melancólico] o simplemente [desesperado], me resulta muy fácil escribir y hablar. Cuando estoy satisfecho, realizado y (me atrevo a decirlo?) feliz, las palabras me eluden y solo quiero callar y absorber tanto como pueda esa sensación.

Pero así fue, ese fatídico 5 de Mayo de 2009 no solo se iniciaba mi blog, sino que la aventura más grande y la secuencia de retos más significativos que he tenido en toda mi vida. Y yo no lo sabía.

En ese momento, sentado en mi cómoda oficina con vista a la ciudad y montañas de Los Angeles, estaba a 19 días de [perder mi trabajo] y no tenía ni idea.

Mi blog ha sido testigo de mi enojo por la [traición de un amigo] en el que confiaba profundamente, de la desesperación de sentirme [incapaz de proveer] para mi hijo y mi [profundo amor por él], de mi [vergüenza] y mi [arrepentimiento], de la [belleza más pura] y hasta de mi [cinismo más intenso].

Este pequeño espacio ha contado la historia de un [amor que vivía en mis fantasías más privadas e increíbles] y que al mismo tiempo es la cosa más [inexorable] que he conocido.

Además de [contar historias] ha generado [controversias y me ha ganado enemigos]…nada nuevo.

Escribir este blog me ha [ayudado a crecer], no sé cómo explicarlo, pero sé que es cierto. Y aunque a veces las [lecciones] han sido fuertes, [he aprendido sobre mí].

Poco tengo que decir (como no estoy enojado ni triste) pero si me queda claro que tengo que decir Gracias.  A usted, que lee estas líneas y a la vida que me permite escribirlas.

Aquí vamos de nuevo.

The Passover-Good Friday connection

Exploring the human tradition of killing each other and killing innocent children in the name of God.

Passover is a Jewish holiday celebrated extensively throughout the world. It is said commonly that it commemorates the culmination of the Hebrew people’s enslavement by the Egyptians.

But what does the term really mean and what does it really refer to?

[From Wikipedia] In the story of the Exodus, the Bible tells that God inflicted ten plagues upon the Egyptians before Pharaoh would release his Israelite slaves, with the tenth plague being the killing of firstborn sons. The Hebrews were instructed to mark the doorposts of their homes with the blood of a spring lamb and, upon seeing this, the spirit of the Lord passed over these homes, hence the term “passover”.

Let’s break this thing down.

If you believe what most religious people believe, God created every single thing, creature and person in the universe. That, the largest blanket statement in history, would technically mean that he also created the Egyptians that are enslaving the Hebrews. Apparently, somewhere down the road he either stopped liking the Egyptians or started liking the Hebrews a little too much and began showing signs of “preferential treatment” which seems way too worldly a behavior for an infallible being, if you ask me.

In any event, this infallible being that is all mighty couldn’t just pluck his “people” out of harm’s way and place them in a safe environment; he had to get a representative (Moses) to go and first negotiate then threaten the Egyptian ruler with plagues and disaster.

If you have watched the Charlton Heston movie you know about the darkness, the frogs, the blood, the locusts, etc. But I want to concentrate in the whole “Pass-over” incident.

Urban comandos?

Again, this almighty God that sees everything and knows everything needed a worldly sign (namely the blood of a lamb) over the doors of everybody that was “in on it” so that their innocent first born children were not murdered in the middle of the night.

Even Santa Claus does a way better job at knowing who’s naughty and who’s nice without the need for blood signs over the door.

You see, my objective here is not to prove or disprove that there is a God (I’m sure I will tackle that one later) but instead is to show how clearly man made these “legends” and stories are and how effectively they have been used to scare entire communities into exodus, mass murder, war and all sorts of nonsense.

Please attempt for a second to put all your religious beliefs aside and as a reasonable person, analyze the story of the Hebrew emancipation from the Egyptians. If you were to hear the story without all the “divine intervention” embellishments you would probably conclude that the “Pass-over” events could very well describe a covert operation of a military nature or simply a revolt.

What seems to be more factual than the rest of the story is that Egyptian kids (or any other without blood on their door) were killed in the middle of the night in order to scare the Egyptian ruler into “releasing” the slaves.

God, as we have been led to believe, is as intolerant, vindictive and ultimately evil as the ones that created the idea of God, no surprises there.

Am I exaggerating? Well, to better answer this question let’s fast forward to “good Friday” 33 AD.

[From Wikipedia] Good Friday, also called Holy Friday, Great Friday or Black Friday, is a religious holiday observed primarily by adherents to Christianity commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Golgotha.

To summarize, there’s this guy Jesus running around the streets telling people that he’s the son of God and that they should not hate each other (including their “enemies”) or stone women to death because they like sex.

Again, we’re not talking about whether Jesus existed (there is some historical evidence he did) or not nor whether he is of a divine nature or not.

Crucify him!

What I am discussing is how the religious leaders of that time, should have been involved in the commemoration of “Pass-over” and instead were consumed with the lynching of some “do-gooder” that was gaining a little too much notoriety.

One would assume that the leaders of these people that were so thankful for having been liberated by this murder-a-bunch-of-innocent

-kids-at-night God to grant them freedom, would not be eager to commit yet another first-born assassination in the name of religion. One would be wrong.

Anyway, the joke was on them. The Christians then countered with the legend of resurrection that turned Jesus into even more of a rockstar and gave Christians plenty of “moral authority” to kill some more people later in history.

I know what some people are going to say, this is an attack to the Jewish religion. Spare me. This is a swipe at all organized religion and hopefully an approximation to an intelligent look at how these stories and legends are manipulated into beliefs then into crusades and finally into war, violence and murder.

Think, ask questions and demand answers. Religion wouldn’t be nearly as destructive as it is if people had a critical approach to it and practiced it with the responsibility found in other disciplines.


I care not about this body,

indebted only to love.

Word: my only possession.

IT received what it asked for.




The vile thrive, the just subside.

Message received.

I choose my choices.

IT wants me to change.


I won’t.


I wish I were with you

where music makes itself.

No sentimental journeys,

IT envies my upside.


I can’t.


Chances to take,

lovers and haters alike.

Small game.

IT wins all the time.


I know.


I know the enemy.

I won’t give in.

I can’t lose.




IT began on day one,

IT ends when I breathe last.

Small game.

I win.