Not Mexico's independence day!
Not Mexico’s independence day!

Please, don’t tell me:  “Happy Cinco de Mayo!”

Let’s get a couple of things straight about this “holiday”. First of all, IT IS NOT A HOLIDAY! Additionally, it is only a regional memorial day in Mexico (specific to the region of Puebla) that is intended to celebrate and remember the unlikely victory of an ill-equipped Mexican army against the French stronger and undefeated forces (bet you didn’t know much about the Franco-Mexican conflict!).

The above-named battle took place on May 5th, 1862 and curiously enough, if you were thinking about packing and going to Mexico to experience the festivities first hand, you would find yourself seriously disappointed from the lack of enthusiasm you’d encounter among the Mexico-residing Mexicans. (I don’t know this for sure, but my guess is that you’d have a similar experience shipping yourself to Ireland during Saint Patrick’s Day).

Some will say that the “holiday” has morphed into a celebration of Mexican heritage here in the United States. That’s all great. But the fact remains that there are millions of Latin American immigrants in the United States that are not Mexican. There are 20 other countries in Latin America that have a heritage a history and a population that immigrated to the United States, just as our friends from Mexico did, they just did it earlier and in bigger numbers because they are the next-door neighbors.

I feel this post is bound to be misinterpreted, but all I’m trying to say is I since I’m an immigrant myself (so are most of you reading this post, unless you own a casino and live at a reservation) I don’t operate like every Caucasian knows how to square-dance, every red-headed person drinks and fights a lot, every Asian person pays a lot for car insurance and every Hispanic has enough kids to start a soccer team.

I’m all for the drinking pseudo-holidays, don’t get me wrong. Just don’t assume that because of the way I look:  I have a lot of kids, I know how to make Guacamole, I drink tequila, I know the best spots to vacation in Baja and Acapulco and above all…don’t assume I AM Mexican. There’s a 20 in 21 chances you’ll be wrong.


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