She is a poser, doesn't look like a donut eater at all.
She is a poser, doesn't look like a donut eater at all.

Debunking mythical and stupid holidays is certainly not the intention of my blog, but come on!  A holiday that celebrates Donuts?  That is ridiculous!

My last post about Cinco the Mayo referred to the”stupidification” of a historical event that is broadly unknown in order to have another drinking holiday. Now, coming to my office and hearing “Happy National Donut Day” when I certainly don’t look like I could use another donut, brought me to an inquiry that inspires this post.

Donuts! Free Donuts! That’s what the National Donut day is all about.

Originally the day is spent commemorating Salvation Army volunteers who braved the front lines in order to provide home cooked foods as a morale boost to soldiers. The donuts made in those days were often times cooked inside of the metal helmets of American soldiers. Due to their fondness of the fried dough, American infantrymen were often called “Doughboys”.

He should have been the spokesperson.
He should have been the spokesperson.

While I think that the original purpose of the holiday is noble,  I will venture out and say that there is a very good chance that the Salvation army volunteers are not being honored and remembered by the thousands of Americans chugging the free donuts being offered by our well-intentioned donut chains.

Again, a somewhat dignified idea brought down into retardation so people can feel good about eating deep fried dough sprinkled with sugar and glazed with chocolate.

My guess is that someday soon it will be “National fried chicken day” and the big chicken chains will offer free chicken to all…wait…this just in…that ALREADY HAPPENED last month!

Trust me when I say that this criticism is not coming from a self-dignified position. I’m an overweight guy that doesn’t exercise nearly as much as he should, but I’m not a hypocrite. I eat what I want and sometimes over do it, but I’ll be damn if I need a national holiday to feel good about it.

I guess next it will be “National be happy that we’re bailing out the auto industry day” since the tendency seems to be to make crappy decisions and then look really hard for ways to justify having done so.

Now excuse me while I go have a cupcake.


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