Because I see beauty

Because you say the absolute right thing and nothing said by anyone else could have fit that moment more precisely and completely.

Because I realize that I deserve you and it humbles me.

Because I feel lost in the Universe but I still think I could tie it with a red ribbon and give it to you.

Because every single minute of the day is teeming with your scent.

Because I can’t think about me without thinking of you.

Because my legendary reputation of being aloof and simple doesn’t stand a chance in your presence.

…and because I love you, sometimes I cry too.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes I smile

  1. Food for thought. Many thanks for that, but I also want to thank for something else. I suffer from color blindness (tritanopia in my case). I mainly use Opera browser (unsure if that is of any importance), and far too many sites are difficult to read as a result of an unfortunate range of colors employed ithe design. On your site, as the choice of colors is sensible, the site is very tidy and comfortable to comprehend. I have no idea if this was a intentional and kind undertaking, or simply a happy accident, but you have my gratitude.

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