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I completely reject the notion that a non-believer (like me) lacks moral compass or values just because we don’t believe in the promise of “eternal paradise” or the empty threat of “eternal fiery torment”.

In fact, I think that it has more value when a non believer behaves like a decent person for the sake of decency alone and not because some ridiculous ulterior motive.


I call it: being a decent person for ‘the hell of it’ (pun intended). Try it, it’s very satisfactory.


One thought on “Being a decent person just because…

  1. Being an aethist in the past, and a believer now, I think i can confidently make a comment here.

    Christians dread when I say this, and I in fact have had some that haven’t trusted me after the comment has been made, but it’s all about being authentic, right? 😉

    Christians have beautiful hearts. Many of them. BUT I can honestly say that there is something about those who are aethist, that made me trust them more. That made me believe in them more. That made me feel more comfortable in their presense. What that, “something” is I don’t know. I only know that it is what it is…for me.

    Also, I have found that the moral compass for those that are aethist is a bit stronger than those who are Christian. I have always claimed that this is one of the reasons I don’t claim myself as Christian. Because I have more trust in those who are not.

    I know this makes little sense, but there is no way I can explain this. It is just how I see things. I

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