Celebrity endorsment: Her opinion is as valuable as mine.
Celebrity endorsment: Her opinion is as valuable as mine.

My name is Marden and I’m addicted to my opinions. (Everyone: “Hello Marden”)

I have been throwing my opinion around since I can remember being able to talk. My last opinion-throwing session happened like 5 seconds ago and you are about to read about it. I apologize in advance.

Nobody is supposed to read any of these things, what is predictable is that i will post a couple of things, try to have some friends read them (my ego will be running that campaign) and then when that doesn’t happen, I will quietly dissapear into the blogosphere night.

What I write about is what interests me, but since this is an opinion blog you will find that the things that interest me the most are the things I antagonize the most. Should be interesting.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m new at this, don’t expect it not to suck.  Happy reading!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog is ridonkulous. It’s like the pigeons in BOLT say it. Capische? And I am sure you have an opinion about that movie too. But, the pigeons were the best.

    Rock on amigo!

  2. Úrgeme tu mail para dárselo a un contacto que necesita un doctor blogger. :< ¿Podrías pasármelo, please? Le di tu nickname en twitter pero ya no estás. D:

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